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The Burton Memorial Tower, which houses the school's classrooms and offices, will soon be lit up. The interior lighting will be renovated for $1.5 million to celebrate the university's 200th anniversary in 2017.

Light pollution worries a pair of peregrine falcons, which often nest in the tower. The new system will create a subtle white glow that highlights the Baird Carillon's bell opening at the top. Linear LED wall grazers, attached to the chimes in the attic, create a glowing opening on the roof of the building and highlight each bell. Lights and new beacons have carefully selected beam optics that create the glow and also minimize the spillage of light.

When you head into the state, you can see the Baird Carillon in all its glory, or at least in the shadow of its bells.

We have some charities you want to help and you can research them here, here and here for a list of them.

The Kia Sedona, an unused car, provides just the perfect financing for charities in Burton and elsewhere to meet their needs. If you tell us that you are willing to donate your car, we will arrange a free pick-up of the vehicle for you from one of our local dealers and arrange for you in the Burton region. We allow you to move the title and arrange and sell your vehicle on Craigslist or other online auction platforms. If we could hold an auction to find the highest possible price, we would list it on our website, but if we make sure that the non-option receives a donation, it will get its own page on the website.

We will also ensure that the charity of your choice receives the donation before you accept your contribution. We will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation and provide the nonprofit with all the IRS documents you need. The tax documents will be completed and we will provide them with the tax forms and other required IRS documents.

We will even ensure that you receive all the paperwork you want to complete during the tax period so that you can get the best information about your tax contribution. The following step allows you to work with the IRS to research what type of tax document you need to file to receive a credit for your donation, then fill out these papers and submit the application at tax time.

If you never want to go through the grueling process, you can also search online for a donation that can be processed by the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Burton, Michigan. By donating your car, you are giving a valuable treasure to a charity that will allow them to continue their work on the ground. Your donation can help these nonprofits to help people in need, feed the less fortunate, educate children, provide after-school programs, provide clothing to displaced people, and help all living beings.

You can't do the work that the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan does, but you can do the work that makes its mission possible. Helping people who need food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs is one of their specialties.

If there is a charity you would like to donate to that is not listed here, be prepared to take possession of it personally for your own benefit. All you have to do is tell us which reputable charity you have met on the phone or by heart and we will end it for you. If we don't list it here and you can choose, you can always get it from the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan Facebook page.

If you click on the Donate button and then tell us that you are willing to donate a car like a Jaguar X-type, you can get a tow truck and donate it. Next we will determine the value of the car, wash it, sign it off, list it in a small auction in Burton and also sell it and / or auction it on eBay.

Many car donation programs allow you to contribute to a single organization if the charity has one that is designated a car donation supplier. You can simply leave the car or truck to an organization that is large enough, and you can have employees who are equipped to handle all the steps on the above list. If you click on the "Donate" button and look at the list of charities at the top right of this page, it may take a while. Once your car has arrived and your name has been signed off, we will contact you and collect your funds to donate your winnings.

Why not ask if you would like to contribute to one of our local charities, such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other charities?

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