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If you're wondering how much fun your kids can have in the East Grand Rapids area, here's a list for you. Here you will find items you can find in local restaurants, shops, art galleries, museums and more. And that just scratches the surface of all that Michigan has to offer, with many hidden gems like Great Lakes State Park, Grand River Gorge, Lake Michigan, Michigan State University, and many others.

Use open skate at Patterson Ice Center at different times and days of the week or lace up your skates and lace them up for a day on the ice. You can spend the day kayaking on the Flint River, boating or relaxing on Stony Creek Lake, kayaking on the Flint River or hiking with wildflowers in the spring. Explore nature at For - Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum, go strawberry picking, find a muddy buddy at the Mud Festival and enjoy beautiful views of Lake Michigan and Great Lakes State Park.

Enjoy the one-kilometer-long cobbled loop that runs along Carpenter Road and swings near the Flint River. Take a walk on the recently paved grounds and step out - clear paths in Fall River State Park. Check out the open skates at Patterson Ice Center at different times and days of the week or open skates at Stony Creek Lake and Great Lakes State Park.

Mothers and grandmothers will love the Saginaw Zoo, which houses more than 150 animals and a variety of exhibits. Families with children can learn about astronomy at the Longway Planetarium and enjoy live music and exhibits at Stony Creek State Park.

Within the arboretum there are numerous hiking trails, including a 5 km route that runs along Kearsley Creek. As the Flint River winds its way along the two-mile path, visitors will discover a 1930s suspension bridge that connects Saginaw Riverfront Park with Stony Creek State Park and the Michigan State Museum.

Boys ages 6 to 21 (5 accompanied by a parent) are invited to attend Michigan State University's annual summer camp for boys and girls. The camp is located in Stony Creek State Park in Saginaw County, south of the city of Burton. Participants will attend a training camp in June, followed by three days of outdoor activities in July, August and September. There is also an annual camping trip to the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

Grab the kids and take a trip to Saginaw Zoo, which houses more than 150 animals, and the amazing Wetland Experience Center, which has a natural well ecosystem that supports native plants and fish.

Saginaw is about 40 miles northwest and there is a Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Angola where you can visit it the same day. The proximity to Flint, Pontiac and Detroit means that there are many water sports nearby, such as Great Lakes National Park, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, which means it is not that far away. Flint is also close to Pontiac, Detroit, which means it is only a few miles from the Michigan State University campus and the University of Michigan campus.

Living in Burton, Michigan, could be a good experience for anyone who has to make an effort to do the research required. While Michigan residents enjoy mostly pleasant conditions, it is important to be aware of the bad weather that can include tornadoes in Michigan. One of the best ways to try this sport safely is the annual Michigan Ice Fest, which features a nightly slideshow of some of the world's best climbers.

To help you find the best place to live in Burton, AreaVibes has created a Liviability Score using data from the American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau. Michigan has a national average of 100, but Burton received a higher-than-average grade for its local facilities. Based on the results, Burton is above the Michigan State and national average, at 90.

If you look closely at home affordability in Burton, you will find that the median home price in Burton is 1.7%, 32% below the Michigan average. Anything else, however, becomes much less important, as it turns out that there are a number of factors on which Burton does not perform well, including the high cost of living, lack of access to affordable housing, and high crime rates. There is no question that house prices in Burton are simply out of reach, but there is a 75: 100 ratio of home price to income. , which is higher than the national and state average of 75.5.

The Mackinac Bridge ferry, which brings visitors to and from the island, and the white rocking chair are as comfortable as they are large. It's one of the best $10 you'll ever spend in Michigan, but it's also the most expensive in the state of Michigan.

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More About Burton